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Technical informations

We can use the following type of compounds:

  • EPDM, SBR, NBR, CR (neoprene), SILICONE, NR (para), VITON, ACM (polyacrilic), CSM (hypalon), EPO (epichlorydrine)
  • Black or any other colour
  • Hardness according your requirements

The products can be supplied cold or hot spliced. Cut to required length.
The extruded product dimensions and characteristics can be as follows:

  • reels of various length, according to cross section
  • straight pieces, maximum length: 5m
  • minimum diameter of the piece: 2mm
  • maximum diameter of the piece: 120mm
  • maximum width: 170mm

Your orders will be promply processed: we can come down to 6/8 days, including the die construction.

The minimum order quantity delivery weight is usually of 40/60 kg; in some cases we can accept a 20 kg order.
We are waiting for your enquiries and orders.

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